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Wes performs as Wes Buckley, Free Agent

and with Vaguely Pagan, Sound For....



1/20: Lion's Den, Vaguely Pagan, Stockbridge, MA 7-10pm

2/17: Lion's Den, Vaguely Pagan, Stockbridge, MA 7-10pm

3/16: Lion's Den, Vaguely Pagan, Stockbridge, MA 7-10pm

5/16: Mystery Train, WB, Kate Lee, Kath Bloom, Amherst, MA

5/19: Bondhu, Sound For, New Ashford, MA Benefit for Gaza more TBA

5/21: Belltower Records, Wes Buckley, No. Adams, MA 630PM

6/1: Familiar Trees, Sound For Lally, Great Barrington, MA TBA

6/27: Dream Away Lodge, Vaguely Pagan Record Release, Becket, MA 7pm

Past Shows


2/3: Avalon, Sound For, Catskill, NY 730pm

2/9: The Barn, Soundry Presents, Egremont, MA 730pm

2/18: The Lions Den, Vaguely Pagan, Stockbridge, MA 730pm

3/18: Heart's Pace, Wes Buckley, North Adams, MA 730pm

3/31: No Fun, Sound For, Troy, NY 8pm w/ Bright Dog Red/ TV Doctors

4/19: The Barn, Richard Lloyd/ Wes Buckley & Dave Brown, 730pm

4/21: The P.I.T., w Kyp Malone, Dusty Miller, Brooklyn,NY

4/22: The Surf Shack, Kyle Press/ Mitch Esparanza/Snake Charms Philadelphia, PA

5/5: Berkshire Palate, Vaguely Pagan, Pittsfield, MA 7pm

5/18: Ten Forward, Name That Schlock, Greenfield, MA 10pm

5/27: Lion's Den, Vaguely Pagan, Stockbridge, MA 7-10pm

6/3: Mystery Train, OOZEFEST, 1045pm

6/7:  Belltower Records, Free Agent/ Marc Lemuel/Skeeter Shelton

6/11: The Clark Museum, Wes Buckley/ Willie Lane Williamstown, MA 5PM

6/25: The Mothership, Wes Buckley, Woodstock, NY 2pm

7/6: Down County Social Club, Sheffield, MA 7pm

7/28: Lion's Den, Vaguely Pagan, Stockbridge, MA 7-10pm

7/31: Greylock Works Moxie Mondays, Wes Buckley, North Adams, MA 7pm

8/18: Berkshire Palate, Vaguely Pagan, Pittsfield, MA 7pm

9/30: Dream Away Lodge, Vaguely Pagan, Becket, MA 730pm

11/18: Lion's Den, Vaguely Pagan, Stockbridge, MA 7-10pm

12/28: The Mothership, Wes Buckley, Woodstock, NY


4/14: Apple Tree Inn, Wes Buckley, 730pm Lenox, MA

4/21: Apple Tree Inn, Wes Buckley, 730pm Lenox, MA

5/12: Egremont Barn, Vaguely Pagan, 730, Egremont, MA

6/9: Mission, Them Bastards, 730 Pittsfield, MA

6/29: Apple Tree Inn, Vaguely Pagan, 8pm, Lenox, MA

7/7: Mystery Train, 4pm, Amherst, MA

7/14: Epsilon Spires w/ Micah P Hinson, Brattleboro, VT 8pm

7/15: The Foundry w/ Micah P Hinson, West Stockbridge, MA

7/16: Hillsdale Hamlet Park, performing The POINT! 2-5 Hilldale, NY

8/14: Mothership, Woodstock, NY 2pm

8/30: Clark Art Museum, 1-3, Williamstown, MA

9/11: Clark Art Museum with Sound For, Elkhorn 4pm

9/15: The Drake, Amherst, MA 8pm

10/15: Deadfall Fest, Stationary Factory, Dalton. MA 3-11pm

11/18: Apple Tree Inn, Vaguely Pagan, 730 pm, Lenox, MA


5/1: Vaguely Pagan- Gedney Farm, Monterey, MA

6/27: WB Record release, Belltower Records, North Adams, MA

w/ Don Bikoff, Frozen Corn, Bridge of Flowers, Blues Ambush

7/11: WB-Oozefest, Amherst, MA

7/15: Vaguely Pagan-Egremont Barn, Egremont MA

8/19: WB-The Linda, WAMC, Albany, NY w/ Dust Bowl Fairies

9/18: Vaguely Pagan-West Taghkanic Diner, Ancram NY

9/26: WB-Fresh Grass Festival, MASSMoCa, North Adams, MA

10/9: Free Agent-The Foundry, West Stockbridge, MA

10/23: WB-Iron Horse, Northhampton, MA w/ Misty Blues


1/24: Boston, Ma w OLD WAVE/Jesus Vio/Hands&Knees

1/25: Apohadion, Portland, ME w Blood Warrior/ Ash& Herb

2/1: Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT Mystra Records show

3/12: The Barn, Egremont, MA w The Wild Weeeds


11/15: Trendy Shit Town, Boston, Ma w OLD WAVE

11/8: Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Pittsfield, 630/730 w Erin Durant

10/19: The Beverly, Kingston, NY w Pythius Braswell Record Release 8pm

10/5: The Dream Away Lodge, 8pm

9/21: Fresh Grass Music Festival, Mass Moca 4pm

8/29: Club Helsinki, w/ The Wild Weeeds, Camp Saint Helene

8/10: Belltower Record Fest, Norad Mill, North Adams, MA 12pm-on

7/25: MASSMOCA The Chalet, North Adams, MA 8pm

6/29: Tourists, North Adams, MA Solid Sound after party 7pm

6/23: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8pm

6/19: Honor Roll Records at Stationary Factory, Dalton, MA

6/13: Dream Away Lodge, Becket, MA

5/31: Julia & the Skeeters, The Barn, Egremont, MA

5/3:  The Barn, Egremont, MA for Johnny Irion

4/27: Apocalypstick Redd Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8

4/26: Apocalypstick Redd Firefly, Lenox, MA

4/18: Bounti Fare, Adams, MA 7

3/31: Root Cellar, Greenfield, MA 7

3/29: Apocalypstick Redd, Shire-Breu, Dalton, Ma

2/14: Dangerbird, Stationary Factory, Dalton, Ma


12/21: Stationary Factory, Johnny Irion/Whiskey Treaty

12/20: Mothership, Woodstock, NY w/ Belle Skinner

12/19:  Dottie's, Pittsfield, MA RECORD FUNDRAISER

12/14:  House Show, Boston, MA with OLD WAVE

10/31: Lion's Den, Stockbridge, MA 7-9pm

10/28: Shire Breu, Dalton, MA, for Sturgis Cunningham 8pm

10/27: Apocalypstick Redd, The Barn, Egremont, MA 8pm

9/29: Apocalypstick Redd, Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11

9/8: Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA 2:30pm

8/17: Stationary Factory, Dalton, MA for Johnny Irion 9pm

8/3: Lichenstien Gallery w Bridge of Flowers 8pm

7/27 Newport Folk Festival, RI for Johnny Irion 12pm

7/14 Woodyfest, Okehma, OK for Johnny Irion 945pm

7/12: Woodyfest, Okehma, OK 1pm

7/6: Apocalypstick Redd, Fuel, Great Barrington, MA 8pm

6/23: B-Side Ballroom, Oneonta, NY for Johnny Irion

6/22: Apocalypstick Redd at Shirebreu Hous, Dalton, MA 8pm

6/17: Bright Ideas Brewing, for Johnny Irion 4pm

6/16: Dream Away Lodge, Becket, MA 8pm

6/7: Sleep No More, NYC  for Johnny Irion

6/6: Sleep No More, NYC for Johnny Irion

4/21: The Lion's Den, Stockbridge, MA 8pm

4/21: Hoping Machine at Berkshire Earth Expo, Dalton, MA 4pm

4/4: Methuselah, Pittsfield, MA 730pm

2/23: Hoping Machine Fundraiser for Puerto Rico, Whitney, Pittsfield, MA


11/19:   Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY Colin L, Erin Durant, EAR BUDS

10/28:  Halloween House Show, Sheffield, MA

Vetiver/ Johnny Irion Tour

10/14:  Private Event, North Adams, MA w Johnny Irion/Vetiver

10/13:  Dream Away Lodge, Becket, MA w Johnny Irion/Vetiver

10/12:  Club Helsinki, Hudson, NY w Johnny Irion/Vetiver

10/8:   Westwind Orchard, Accord, NY w Johnny Irion/Vetiver    

10/7:   Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY w Johnny Irion/Vetiver

10/6:   Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA w Johnny Irion/Vetiver

10/5:   Songbyrd, Washington DC w Johnny Irion/Vetiver

10/4:   Live WAMC The Linda w Johnny Irion/Vetiver

9/14:   Down County Social Club, Sheffield, MA

8/27:   Summer Hoot, Olive Bridge,NY 1pm w Hoping Machine

8/19:   House show, Pittsburgh, PA

8/17:   Luthier's Coop, Easthampton, MA 745pm

8/5:     Rockwood Music, NY,NY 6pm

8/4:     Dream Away Lodge Becket, MA w/ Gary Higgins 8pm

7/30:   Private event

7/29:   Private event 

7/13:    Hancock Shaker Village, w Western Centuries 7pm

7/9:     South Street Cafe, Bennington, VT, 2pm

7/8:     Hatch 31, Bristol, VT 7-10pm

7/7:     Light Club Lamp Shop, Burlington, VT 830-930pm

7/1:      Metropolitan Room, NY,NY Chosen Family w/ Allie Klein

6/17:    Blue Bag Records, Boston, MA w Pancho, Brittle Brian, Grace Givertz

6/10:   Private event

6/7:     Methuselah, Pittsfield w/ Eamonn Barry

6/3:     Mission, Pittsfield, MA w/ Milo Jones 8pm

5/31:    Methuselah, Pittsfield, MA 8-11

5/27:   Pauly's Hotel, Albany, NY

5/26:   Hoping Machine Singers at Guthrie Center, tribute to Pete n Woody

5/23:   Deep Thoughts, Boston w Joey Agresta, Big French, Mother's Day

5/13:    Brickhouse, w/ AT and Will B., Housatonic, MA

5/12:    Parlor Room, Northampton, MA guitar w/ Sarah Lee Guthrie

5/11:    Cafe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY guitar w/ Sarah Lee Guthrie

5/10:   Mystery Train, w/ Ralph White/Long John, Amherest, MA

5/6:     Waking Windows Fest, Winooski, VT McKees 645pm

4/29:   Hoping Machine Singers: at People's Climate March, Washington DC

4/23:    House show w/ Eugene Chadbourne,Pittsfield, MA 7pm

4/22:    Hoping Machine Singers: March for Science, Pittsfield Common 1pm 

4/21:    Mission, w Pancho the Kid Pittsfield 8pm

4/13:    Lichtenstein Gallery, w/ Mega Death, Limbs Bin, Allegra Geller Pittsfield, MA, 7pm

4/07:    Whitney Center for the Arts, Pittsfield, MA 815pm

4/01:    The Guthrie Center "Music For The March“, Great Barrington, MA

3/23:    House Show, Pittsfield, MA w/ Paul McMahon

3/17:    Hoping Machine Singers: w/Whiskey Treaty, at MASSMOCA
3/15:    Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11

1/14:    Midway Cafe, Boston, MA



12/11:   Snugs, New Paltz, NY w/ Los Doggies
11/10:   Dollhouse, Amherst, MA
11/4:     Whitney Arts, Pittsfield, MA
10/23:  Freestone Fest, Amherst, MA 
11/4:     Whitney Center of the Arts, Pittsfield, MA

DE Tour (Germany)
7/30:    Astra-Stube, Hamburg, DE
7/29:    KommDu, Hamburg, DE
7/28:    Litfass, Oldenburg , DE
7/27:    Limes, Cologne, DE
7/26:    Cube, Duesseldorf, DE
7/23:    Rooftop Series ”Bands with Friends“, Giessen, DE
7/22:     Madame Claude, Berlin-Kreuzberg, DE

5/7:     Mystery Train w/ Ralph White and Colby Nathan

4/24:   Mothership Gallery, Woodstock, NY

4/22:   Gypsy Joynt, Great Barrington, MA

4/8:     Bull McCabe‘s, Boston, MA w/ Dan Blakeslee

3/19:   Dream Away Lodge w/ Billy Keane and Greg Smith

3/12:   Fazenda, Boston, MA w/ Old Wave, Hollow Deck,            

           Jon Cushing Band

3/11:   Spotty Dog, Hudson, NY

3/5:    My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, New Paltz, NY,             

           w/ Matt Mottel

2/27:  Nick-A-Nees, Providence, RI w/ Smith & Weeden

2/26:  Mission Bar, Pittsfield, MA w/ Smith & Weeden

2/6:    Light Club Lamp Shop, Burlington, VT, w/                         

            Heloise and The Savior Faire/ Disco Phantom

1/29:  Brick House Pub, Housatonic, MA


1/11: Rye, Brooklyn, NY 9pm
1/24: Bosquet, Pittsfield, 8pm*
1/26: Mission, Pittsfield, 8pm*
1/31-2/1: Recording at Friday Pop Cafe Studios, Burlington VT
2/19-22: MAR, Bristol, NH
2/28-3/1: Recording at Lone Pine Road Studios, Kingston,NY
3/19: Mission, Pittsfield, 8pm*
3/20: Recording, Notre Dame Church w/ Jack Chicago, Pittsfield
3/21: Bosquet, Pittsfield 8pm
4/22: Flywheel Easthampton, MA, guitarist with Michael Hurley
5/3: Deep Thoughts, JP Boston, OLD WAVE record release party/Blood Warrior/ Birch Fire
5/9: Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, Monte Vista record release/Trophy Bucks
5/21: Whitney Arts Center, Pittsfield, MA 8PM w Ryan Hobler
5/24: Aviary, JP Boston, with Gracious Calamity/Wes Buckley and Pancho the Kid Duo/
Shira E (G.Calam/WBPTKD split tape)
5/29: Montague Bookmill, Kath Bloom/Erin Durant
6/3: Mystery Train Records, Amherst MA w Gracious Calamity & Pancho, David Greenberg
6/4: Mission, Pittsfield 8-11*
6/21: Squirrel Cafe Fest, JP, Boston 3-11
6/25:Mission, Pittsfield 8-11*
6/26: House show, MA *
7/2: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11*
7/9: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11*
7/16: Living Room, NYC w/ Zachary Cale/ Last Gold Tooth
7/17: Half Moon, Hudson, NY w Zachary Cale/ Last Gold Tooth
7/25:GEAA, Pittsfield, MA*
9/13: Mission w/ Billy Keane, US Elevator, Berkshire Boys
9/17: Mission* 8-11
10/10: 10th annual FODFest, Shire City Sanctuary, Pittsfield noon-10pm
11/7: Revival Festival, Columbus Theatre, Providence, RI set @ 9pm Screaming Females, Mal Devisa, Low Anthem and many many more....
11/13: Wes Buckley & The Chums, Mission with Simon Brown 
12/12: House Show
*with Picky Bastards

1/2: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11
1/5:Stagecoach Tavern, Sheffield, MA 4-8
1/12:Stagecoach Tavern, Sheffield, MA 4-8
1/19:Stagecoach Tavern, Sheffield, MA 4-8
1/26:Stagecoach Tavern, Sheffield, MA 4-8
2/21-2/23: MAR Tree, Bristol, NH

3/2: Stagecoach Tavern, Sheffield, MA 4-8
4/10: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11
4/19: DreamAway Lodge, guitar for Avi Jacob 8-10ish
4/26: Brickhouse, Housatonic, with Picky Bastards
5/4: Mission Pittsfield, matinee jam hosted by Darren O
5/9: Midway, Boston, w/OLDWAVE
5/17: Flywheel, Easthampton, MA with Michael Hurley
5/23: Half Moon, Hudson, NY with Michael Hurley
5/31: Farmers Market Benefit, Whitney Arts Center, w Billy Keane, Chris Merenda, Pittsfield,MA
6/7: Farmers Market, Pittsfield, 11AM-1PM
6/21: Fresh Air Ringer Park, Allston, with Pancho, 3pm
6/21: Squirrel Cafe, Boston 8pm
7/10: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 9pm
8/14: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8pm
8/15: Former Gallery, W.Stockbridge, MA 6-8
8/29: Monkey Bar, Winooski, VT w/Grand Western/ Old Wave
8/30: Rod & Gun, Brooklyn, NY w/ Kath Bloom/Erin Durant
9/5: Private Event, Lenox MA
9/27: Private Event, Bennington,VT
10/1: Northampton, TBA
10/9: RAW tv Staten Island,NYC Airs at 10pm
11/7: First Friday Pittsfield, Melville St
11/8: HASSLEFEST 6, Somerville MA
11/10: Mission, Pittsfield
11/14: Wyben, Ma TBA
12/5: private event, MA
12/6: private event, MA

1/14: Boston TT the Bear's (guitar, Sam Marine & County)
1/27: Mercury Lounge, NYC (guitar, Sam Marine & County)
3/6-3/24 Sam tour!!
3/7 Pour House, Raleigh, NC
3/11 Howlin' Wolf Den, New Orleans
3/17 Adair's, Dallas
4/18 Marketplace Cafe, Pittsfield, MA  w/Pancho Kidd
4/19 Whitehaus w/Hurricanes of Love/more TBA
4/20 Hardcore House, JP, Boston w/Pancho&Jonah/WolfWolff
5/18 Nectars, Burlington, VT 7-9
5/19 Radio Bean Burlington,VT  7-745
5/24 Montague, MA Montague Bookmill w Dire Honeys/Cat Fox 8pm
6/20 Down County Social Club, Sheffield, MA 8pm
7/19 Marketplace Kitchen, Sheffield, MA
8/6 Midway Cafe, Boston,MA w Blue Ribbon Band/The Broons
9/26 Mission, Pittsfield, MA
10/6 Elevens, Northampton,MA w Zachary Cale Band, Dire Honeys
10/20 Lady Jay's Brooklyn, NY w Elijah Ocean, Lowell Thompson
12/8 Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ 4-8 Sheffield, MA
12/15 Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ 4-8 Sheffield, MA
12/22 Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ 4-8 Sheffield, MA
12/26 Mission w/ the Picky Bastards, 8-11, Pittsfield, MA
12/31 Lulu's Brooklyn, NY 9pm


1/27-1/29: Recording, Boston
2/11: Boston, Whitehaus Record Release
2/16: Trash Bar, Brooklyn
2/21: Big Snow, Brooklyn (guitar for Colin)
2/24: The Binn, Bristol, NH
3/13: Legion, Brooklyn Wes& Allie, Human Cartoon
4/18: Ding Dong, Manhattan, (guitar for Colin)
4/28: Belfast Folk Fest, ME (guitar for Colin)
5/15: Le Poisson Rouge, NY,NY (guitar for Colin)
5/20: Bohemian Grove, Brooklyn
5/31: Death By Audio, (guitar for Sam)
6/9 Glasslands (guitar for Colin L. Orchestra/ opening for O'Death)
6/10 Brooklyn Bowl (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/13 AS220, Prov, RI (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/14 Seal Beards, Boston, MA (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/15 Montreal Jazz Fest, QC (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/16 Intercambio, New Haven, CT, (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/17 Secret Project Robot (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/26 Rockshop, Brooklyn, (guitar Sam Marine)
6/30 Western MA, (private, sax CSC)
7/6 Death By Audio,Brooklyn (guitar Colin L)
7/8 Zebulon, Brooklyn (guitar for Lance Romañce/sax CSC)
7/11 McCarren Park Pool (guitar Colin L)
7/14 Knitting Factory (sax CSC, Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest)
7/26: Union Pool, Brooklyn. Wes Buckey & Allie Klein, Hurricanes of Love, Little Howlin Wolf
7/28: Whitehaus, JP, Boston. Wes&Allie, Hurricanes of Love, Little Howlin Wolf
7/29: Mellow Fest at Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, Hurricanes of Love, Little Howlin Wolf,
Colin L., Moon, others TBA! 
8/4 BOBfest, Western MASS, w/ Pancho n friends.
8/12 Lady Jayes, Brooklyn, (guitar for Sam Marine)
8/25 Public Assembly,Brooklyn (guitar Colin L)
8/27 Spike Hill, Brooklyn, Wes/Colin L/ Monte Vista
8/29 Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, Wes/ Sky White Tiger+Friends
9/13 Wes & Allie Brooklyn Fire Proof, Ingraham St. our sets at 10pm
9/15 Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn,  (sax CSC Funk)
9/21 Wes& Allie Talibam! release show, Brooklyn, Secret Project Robot
9/24 Delancy, Manhattan (guitar Sam Marine & County)
10/4 Grand Victory, Brooklyn (guitar Sam Marine & County)
10/9, 10/23 Honkey Tonk Covers, Brooklyn, Lady Jay's (every other Tues.)

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